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At Bokyna we believe in “Feel Good Sandals!” always and forever.That’s why everything we do, we do it for you! Because happy people are the most beautiful ones.

Bokyna is about an attitude, a state of mind, positive energy that surrounds you, and puts a smile on your face!

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soulmate collection

This is why
you will love them


Individually customizable with adjustable strings.

Water repellent

Suitable for the beach and a walk in the summer rain.


Soft, non-abrasive and padded sole for comfortable walking.


100% free of animal products.

seastar collection

Tree Project

Every single pair of sandals in the BOKYNA online store is handcrafted with the utmost care and attention to detail, using 100% vegan, durable and reliable materials. However, we want to give our planet even more in return.

This is why we’ve joined forces with Eden Reforestation Projects and vowed to plant a tree for every pair of sandals we sell.


freedom collection

what our clients say

"I love my sandals and they fit perfectly. Very comfortable and delivery wasn't too long either. "

"Love them, stepped out of my comfort zone with the colour and I'm so glad I did. They are gorgeous and comfortable"

"Super comfortable right out of the box and Super cute."

"I rarely order shoes or sandals online but was very tempted by the apparent style and practicality of Bokyna sandals and after a bit of research, took the plunge and ordered a pair of Soulmates. I have absolutely no regrets! The sandals look and feel fantastic!"

"So comfortable and a perfect fit. Everyone that see’s them loves them. Thank you 🙏"

"The colors are the bang & fit to every garment. The shoe is very comfortable due to the elastic straps. Delivery went without a hitch. Finally, the shoes are packed in a beautiful cotton bag."

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